Monday, July 16, 2012

I forgot

I apologize to many of you!!  I forget that many of you aren't military.  You're probably shaking your head to our decision to move away from my hubby.  This decision was not done lightly.  A lot of discussion and prayer went into this.  To be honest, we never would have considered it before......until we got orders here. 

Many spouses choose not to come to this duty station and stay where they are at or move home.  Yes, its that bad here.

Another thing that you need to know, is that my hubby has been gone about half of our married life.  We have done nine deployments, three of which were four months, five were six months and one was eight months.  To prepare for these deployments, the squadrons do work ups.  They leave for a month, come home for two weeks, leave for two weeks, come home for three, etc.  Its a roller coaster of in and out.  The schedule is very fluid and changes quite often.  Its difficult on everyone.

Next year, hubby starts doing the workups.  Depending on the schedule, he'll be gone 5-6 months out of the year.  The year after he leaves for a nine month deployment.  Even if we had chosen to stay, he wouldn't have been around much anyway.  He works over 12 hours a day and doesn't arrive home until generally after dinner. 

Being a military spouse, you become "used" to your spouse being gone.  I'm very independent and take care of things while he is gone.  That's just the way it is. 

I remember one of my friends years ago, couldn't wrap her head around it.  She couldnt imagine her hubby being gone so much.  It is difficult, don't get me wrong.  Things break, kids get sick, everything seems to pile on all at once.  For the last ten years, we've been thousands of miles from family.  I've been totally alone on this venture.  I do get help from other wives who go through the same experiences and help each other out, but its different than having family help out. 

With our move, it puts the kids and I closer to family.  It also will allow us to set up a working farm by the time hubby retires in three years. 

Hopefully, I've explained this well, so you all don't think I'm crazy!!  lol


  1. i totally get it. My husband was only in the military for 4 years of our marriage and then 3 more reserves. We were army and didn't have nearly as many deployments as you have had. So glad you are going to have more support and family. I hope these three years breeze by.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. While it wouldn't be ideal for most families to separate in this way, I totally get where you are coming from. We have a number of friends here who are military and it's not unusual for them to be deployed 9 mos. to a year at a time with this crazy war having been going on.
    I am excited for you all and pray blessings on your journey. I know your hubby will join the family asap.

  3. I understand totally what you are saying. I just feel for you, not getting to see him very much. The new farm I suppose will keep you pretty busy and time should go by fast. You will be closer to Al. Maybe you will make it down here, lol.


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