Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly wrap up

This week has been really busy for us.  Karate starting practicing on Saturdays for a tournament in April.  Bowling league wraps up in a few weeks.  The girls are doing great in gymnastics.  Princess and Bug-a-bug just moved up into level 2.  Awana started practicing on Saturdays too for Awana games in a few weeks.  Boy Scouts is always busy and I started the girls in Girl Scouts for the rest of the year so that they can meet some girls on the base.  The homeschooling group is yucky and I think next year, I may try to start up my own group.  Like I have nothing else to do.

I'm busy working on lesson plans for the next week.  The history plans are going really well.  I'm starting back to school on the 19th so we took Friday off so I could finish up some paperwork and financial aid stuff.  Four classes and a clep test and I'll have my bachelor's done.  I've started looking into master's programs.  A master's should take me about 6-7 years to finish up.  One class at a time.

Here's how our school week shaped up:

History:  We finished up our Founding Fathers study.  I used the lapbook from Hands of a Child and TL did a ton of reading on six founding fathers.

Science:  TL is working on a notebooking pack from Hands of a Child on Basic Survival Skills.  He's really enjoying it.  The girls are working on finishing up a study of the human body from A Journey Through Learning. 

Literature:  Everyone is doing vocab skills, grammer, and the girls are working on phonics skills.  The girls are finishing up the first Magic Tree House book.  Princess is a little old for it, but she's always enjoyed the series.  I hope to start them on some "real" literature soon.  I have to go to the storage unit and dig out some of the books they need to read.

Math:  Teaching Textbooks is going great for the girls.  Trey is doing well with Saxon Algebra 1/2, although its hard to keep him focused to do his math problems everyday.  He's using his pencils as light sabres and playing with them instead of doing his work.

Writing:  Trey's finishing up his SWI course from IEW.  I'll be ordering the continuation class probably next week.  The girls are learning how to form and write paragraphs.

Spelling:  All are using All About Spelling and doing well. 

Geography:  The girls are working on a study of savannahs.  We should finish next week and then move into the rainforest.  TL is working on Trail Guide to World Geography.  He's almost done with that too.  He's also rememorizing states and capitals.  I didn't realize how many he'd forgotten.

What we're reading:

TL:  The Two Towers for his currclick class
       The Red Pyramid for fun

Girls:  The Magic Tree House
          the scholastic fairy books for fun and any horse books that they can find

Me:  I'll be starting Return of the King for TL's next read.  There isn't a currclick class for this one.  I also need to do some major reading for my english class I'll be taking.  I'm still working on Help for the Harried Homeschooler.  I keep putting it down and coming back to it.  Its really good. 

Anyone have any suggestions for books dealing with teens? 

I didn't have time to post Fifth wheel Friday.....well, okay I did.  I was just to lazy after spending a few hours on the computer doing taxes. 

To answer some questions about eating, here's a photo of our table:

We can fit all the kids around the table with a little squishing.  Kev and I usually eat at the couch right behind the table.  Sometimes, we put up the table in the back which has a couch all around it and we all fit there.  I just get too lazy to put it up all the time.  I'll discuss the challenges of homeschooling in a fifth wheel this Friday.

Have a wonderful and blessed week!

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  1. I have not ever looked at your curriculum list until now. How did you all enjoy Apologia: General Science & Saxon Algebra 1/2? Those are on my plans for next school term.
    High schooler: I have one more year and I'll have one too.


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