Friday, March 2, 2012

Fifth Wheel Friday

We have many challenges living in fifth wheel.  The biggest is space.  Let's face it, we're seven people living in about 250 sq feet of space.

The biggest space challenge is books.  I love books.  I can't store/carry alot of books in here.  So, when we loaded the storage unit, I put all the book boxes at the front for easy access.  The only problem is that now I have to go through about twenty boxes of books.  The good news is that the school book boxes are labeled that way.  I'll take a picture this weekend when we go out there to get some books and show you what our storage unit looks like!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness. I just can't imagine.

  2. I've often wondered if we could do that short-term, but the more I think about it, just don't think we could do it. I'm trying to imagine all of us living in our kitchen area full time, since that is about the same size as your camper. I'm just too spoiled!

    Where do y'all sit to eat a meal?? I'm thinking you couldn't possibly all fit around a tiny camper table.


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