Friday, March 23, 2012

Fifth wheel Friday!

So, here is the end of another week.  We had several interruptions this week.  We took off on Monday to head to Bakersfield to get some warranty work done on the fifth wheel.  The front air conditioner is now working!!  Some lights were repaired.  The door was fixed.  We are just waiting on the light bar in the back to be ordered and replaced and new couch cushions. 

I know some of you are wondering how we do school in the fifth wheel.  We have three "rooms".  My bedroom, the toy hauler area with the girls' beds, and the living area.  I can't fit everyone at the same table and I wouldn't want to.  They like to fight with each other so its easier to seperate them for my own peace of mind.

I started this with having some books in the girls room, some in the living area, and some in my bedroom.  It was driving me crazy.  Running from place to place trying to find the one thing I needed because it was put in a different location.  Now, all the books are here:

Above is the top of the dresser that's in the master bedroom.  It just fits everything.  The next picture below is my night stand, which doubles as our computer desk.

 Here's Bug-a-bug doing her math homework, Teaching Textbooks, on the computer.  By putting it up in my room, I can rotate the kids around and they have quiet to do their lessons.  Of course, usually the living room/kitchen floor is filled with baby dolls or playmobile or both.  The little ones can't get enough of them!

This week, Little Miss Trouble has been working on writing her name.  She's doing very well and really enjoys it!

We also had some coloring this week.  I took this picture of Monkey.  I didn't get the shot of the day she covered herself with purple marker.  Honestly, where do these come from?  Is there a marker fairy here?  I don't buy them and throw them out if I find them!

And of course, we had some engineering/math skills take place this week.  Legos are another favorite of ours.  I didn't bring many with us and I think I'm going to have to get some more.  There's no way I could find them in the storage unit.

Any other questions about fifth wheel living or doing school in our fifth wheel? 

Daddy also left this week for a few weeks which could be extended.  I hope to do a couple of field trips with the kids while he's gone.  We'll be busy with Awana games this weekend and finishing up bowling league.  We also have to put TL in another boy scout troop.  We had a bullying isssue the other night that will not be resolved.  I'm almost glad because we traveled out in town for this other troop and there's one on base that's much closer!!  I hope all goes well with this because Camperee is next weekend and they call out the Order of the Arrow candidates.  I hope that TL gets it.

I also started back to school this week.  It should be a fairly easy class, I hope anyway.  I have three classes after this and a clep test to take and I should be all done!!  yippee!! 


  1. Do you go away to school or take school online? I love your pictures. How many square feet do you think you live in? I think it is great you make the space work so well.

    1. Hi Dawn!! Right now, we're stationary but we'll be traveling from June through September. Next year we're not sure what we're doing yet. Hubby was supposed to be gone for 7 months and we were going to travel across the country and see family on the east coast but his schedule has changed.

      We have a 40 ft fifth wheel, so its probably about 200 square feet of actualy living space? I have no idea!

    2. I do classes online. I don't have time to go to classes and then try to do homework. Plus, with hubby's schedule, he's never home at a decent hour to go to school!

  2. I KNOW about the marker thing. I think the little ones can sniff them out and my kids have certainly bitten the tips off of their share. At least they aren't toxic!

    1. haha, they're like the marker bloodhounds!!


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