Saturday, March 24, 2012

Curriculum Review-Hands of a Child Notebooking Pages for Basic Survival Skills

I decided to stop doing Apologia General Science for the rest of the year.  Its a great program but I never seem to have everything I need to do the experiments and frankly, I'm too lazy right now to try to get it together.  TL was loosing interest anyway. 

Being a boy scout, he has a huge interest in Survival Skills.  Hands of a Child offers a new notebooking pack on just that topic.  I've always loved Hands of a Child for their awesome lapbooking packs.  TL was never found of them but my girls absolutely love them.  The notebooking pack has the same wonderful research guides with vocabulary and a wonderful source list.  The notebooking pages are beautifully designed, easy to fill out, and a wonderfully creative way to organize the information.  If only I'd had these when I went to school, I would have found it much more interesting, organized, and easy to learn.

I have given TL free reigns with this project pack.  I printed out all the research pages and the notebooking pages.  He is reading through and filling out the notebook pages as he goes along.  He is thoroughly enjoying learning more about survival skills.  I must say that I've really enjoyed reading along with him and I've learned quite a lot.

With over 400 lapbooks in stock, the ladies at Hands of a Child have quite a project also making notebooking pages for each one but it is a project that they are undertaking.  Now, if only I could give them my "wish list" of ones to complete first, then I would be a really happy gal!

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