Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thanks everyone!

Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers.  That virus really took a toll on the kids.  It ran for a straight week with high fevers, sore throats, croup, vomiting, and lingering dry hacking cough.  I let Bug-a-bug, Little Miss Trouble, and TL sleep in today until about ten.  They were the last ones to get it and not eating for 4-5 days really took its toll on their little bodies.  The girls were healthier before TL and they were still whiny and crying all day yesterday so I figured that they needed the rest!  TL is just starting to get healthy-only yesterday did he really eat, so it will take a couple more days for him.

No orders yet.  We're verbal for Lemoore, just waiting on the paper orders now.

I finished my classes.  I got an A in one and  a B in the one I thought I was going to get a C.  She must have felt sorry for me.  I had a solid A going into the final and I've had the professor for two other classes that I received A's in before, so she knows that I know my stuff.  I just had to get home to Princess that day.  Her fever was over 104 and I didn't want to leave her home, especially since daddy was gone.  It was the shortest final ever-I was there for 8 minutes!

Right now, we're busy trying to organize and clean out and weed out stuff.  I'm hoping to get a bunch done this week and hopefully we'll have orders this week or next so we can get our pack out dates.  Then its time to load up the camper with everything we may need for the next six months.  I've already started making lists and piles.

The sad thing is that I've been inspired by Extreme Couponing and although I think most of the people are ridiculous, there are good couponing lessons to be learned.  I've been shopping the sales and using coupons to save money.  And I've been saving alot.  I'm building a little stockpile-my goal is to get enough food for three months.  With the recent threat of active duty not getting paid, I see the need to stock up on some items.  Unfortunately, now I have acquired a little stockpile and have to figure out how to store it in the camper.  ugh

Have a great week everyone!!  I have ordered next year's curriculum so its on its way.  I needed to get that done before we lose a mailbox!

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  1. Oh, so sorry that you guys have had it rough with that bug.

    I understand where you are at with the couponing and bulk buying.
    I like to keep a good stock on hand, but with our house for sale, I've not been keeping the pantry up the way I prefer. Just waiting. Someday we'll be able to build it up again. My hubby is a fed. employee, so we're without pay if it shuts down, too.


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