Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finishing up and closing up

As we sit and wait for official paper orders to come in, we need to get some things cleaned up and organized.  Both hubby and I are finishing out our terms, mine ends today and his next week.  We have to pull the camper out and clean it good before moving into it.  I have to organize everything we need to live on for the next 4-6 months.  I also need to week through some things in the house.  Thankfully, I'd already started doing that so I don't have too much  more to do.

One of the things, I had to finalize was our plans for next year.  Since I won't have a  mailbox for the next however many months, I have to order all of our curriculum and get it before we leave the house.  Here's what I have lined up for next year:

Girls:  Daily Geography from Evan Moor
          We will be doing three continent studies using lapbooks from Hands of a Child:  Antartica, Africa, and Asia.  After each continent we will then do a habitat study:  grassland, polar, and mountian.  Then we will do a short study on an animal or two that we find in each continent.  I will probably use some free lapbooks I find on homeschool for those. 
          Study of geography terms

TL:  Finish world geography from Trail Guide to World Geography
       Review geography terms
       Memorize major seas, lakes, deserts, rivers, and mountains

Girls:  Saxon Math
          Market Math from Remedia Publishers

TL:  Saxon Algebra 1/2

All will be doing different levels of Handwriting without Tears

Girls:  REAL Science-Life Science
TL:  Apologia General Science

Girls:  The Writing Menu
           Daily Trait Writing from Evan Moor
TL- SICC Level B

Since we won't get to finish up past the American Revolution with our move, I will pick up right after that and go through the Civil War.  I will use Truthquest History and History Through the Ages as our spines.  The girls will use the Truthquest Binder Builder and Timelines and Maps from A Journey through Learning.

All About Spelling-different levels for different kids

Growing with Grammer-different levels for different kids

Girls:  Little House on the Prairie books using the Prairie Primer and cookbook and the lapbooks from A Journey through Learning.

TL:  Vocabulary:  Wordly Wise
        Roots:  Continue with the study of Latin and Greek Roots
        Study of Greek and Roman Mythology
        Study of Shakespeare and one play
        Legend of Sleepy Hollow
        Tom Sawyer
        Animal Farm
        A Christmas Carol
        Lord of the Flies
        Journey to the Center of the Earth
         Sherlock Holmes
        Poetry study
        If there's time, Wind in the Willows

After reading my last post, my dad wanted to let everyone know that the casinos in CA aren't as nice as the ones in WA.  He's sad not to come back here either. 

Well, I'm off to clean up.  Kev left on Wed, and Princess got really sick on Thursday.  She's still running a fever and has a really bad sore throat.  Poor thing was so sick last night that I went this morning to take my final and only stayed for ten minutes.  I was too worried about her.  I did enough so that I should get a C in the class, not my usual A, but you have to do what you have to do.  I'm surprised that I've not run into this problem before. 

Have a wonderful week!


  1. We will be using Prairie Primer next year too. I can't wait. Sorry about your test and sick dd. I remember going to college with one child. He came to class with me on several occasions including a final exam. I did not think the teach would notice him in the 250 student class. She did and had him be a class monitor and played with him so I could get my test done in peace. SOOOO NICE. Will you be off line for long?

  2.! You sure do have a busy life.

  3. How is everyone doing now? Hope the sickies are past and done away with.

    Have you gotten your official orders yet?

  4. Hi Michelle, hope the sick one is better. I suppose they didn't give you papers to Pensacola, rats. Be safe on the road and keep in touch. We're holding you guys up in prayers.


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