Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not so good news

Well, with hubby's promotion, we're at the mercy of the Navy on where we're going.  We don't have official orders yet, but it looks like we're heading back to Lemoore, CA.

I'm trying to remain positive.  We've lived there before.  I fondly call it the armpit of America.  Sadly, it fits.

Its desert.  Its unbelievably hot during the summer.  I have to stop my degree until we go and get settled.  TL will no longer be able to do the style of taekwondo that he's doing now.  Its hot.  Its in the middle of nowhere.  Its far from family.  Did I mention that its unbearably hot?  We're going to be living in the middle of the cotton fields.

There's black widow spiders, fire ants, and flies like you wouldn't believe.  The fog is so thick in the winter that you can't see your car in the driveway.  Did I mention that it gets really hot in the summer?  Like walking on the face of the sun hot.  And by the way, for those dingalings that keep saying this to me-----NO!  Dry heat does NOT make a difference when its 120 degrees outside.

But, on the upside, I have some good friends there and more going.  We can go back to the really nice church I like.  Yep, that's about all I got right now.

Looks like we'll be heading out of here soon.  I'll have to change my blog name.  I'll have to call it desert dust or something like that.



  1. Yuck! I thought Fayetteville was the armpit of America when we were stationed there. It was soooo hot, fire ants, brown recluse everywhere and the crime.... I hope you find some joy there. You have a start with a good church and friends.

  2. Welll...it's not official.....maybe there is a little hope?

    And at least you do have friends and a church that you like, those are two very big plusses!
    Wish you'd get stationed in Pensacola....then I'd have an excuse to go back soon :)

  3. I'll be praying for you guys. I know about the hot weather. We've been in the 90's this week and summer hasn't even begun.
    I wish you'd get stationed in Pensacola too. We'd bein driving distance and could get together. That would be great!!!!!

  4. You're Navy - aren't they suppose to send you to the water. The infantry does desert. Commander loves Tucson and Sierra Vista. I know what you mean about the heat.
    Will be praying you get a better assignment.

  5. 120 degrees? I'm so sorry. I don't think I'd get excited about that either. Hang in there!


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