Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photos from the pinning

So, the pinning has taken place!!  Yeah, we have a new Master Chief in the house!!!  (don't tell him that I still outrank him okay?  haha)

The Command Master Chief and the Maintenance Master Chief doing the pinning

Very proud of daddy!

So many stars!!


  1. Congratulations!
    Very exciting. I know he worked hard to get there.

    I can't believe how big TL looks in that photo.

  2. SO VERY COOL! My compliments to the new MC. Congrats! When do we get to call him COB?

  3. Unfortunately Arby, never. He's actual a jet maintenance guy, so he'll be transferring probably to another squadron right here and taking over maintenance. Back to sea duty we go!

  4. Congratulations, I promise not to tell him if you promise not to tell my hubby that I out rank him, LOL.


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