Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our new school year for history, science, and geography

I've gotten all of our curriculum in!! I'm so excited about this coming year! It will be so much fun!

For geography, the girls are going to do Galloping the Globe as their guide. More hands on type activities to make it fun. TL will be doing the Trail Guide to World Geography.

For history we'll be using All Through the Ages are our spine. I'll be starting with American Indians, moving into some explorers, and then moving chronologically from the 1600s forward. We'll be completing notebooking and lapbooking activities to make a nice notebook for the end of the year. I also got A Journey Through Learning's unit study A Journey through the 17th adn 18th centuries. Add in some fun activities and it will be a good year.

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space. I'm excited. We haven't touched this subject in years, should be a blast. I'm so looking forward to it.

TL will be using Saxon 8/7 Math. I have moved the girls back into Abeka math. Not enough review in Bob Jones. Love the word problems, but they were forgetting too much.

I'm excited about our bible studies this year. TL will be doing Explorer's Discovery Early History of Israel and I've decided to join him in this study. The girls will be doing Explorer's Beginnings II: God's Promises.

And for grammer, TL will be doing Easy Grammer and yhe girls will be using Simply Grammer by Karen Andreola.

I'll post our writing/reading and spelling at a later time.


  1. Looks good!
    We'll be doing the same things for geography :)

  2. We are almost organized too. We start back at the end of this month. I love getting all of the new stuff organized. Happy Homeschooling.

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