Friday, July 9, 2010

Heat Wave

You have to understand that it doesn't get especially warm here. On the fourth of July, the high was 60 and it was 54 when we were watching fireworks, with a wind chill of about 48. It was cold.

Fast forward a few days and its been blazing hot-well, for here anyway. The kids have the blow up pools all set up and have been playing in the sun for the past two days. Its supposed to be warm again today and cooling off tomorrow. It only gets to be about 85, I know, not really hot, but for here it is. A forty degree jump in a few days is big deal.

Next week, its back to our normal- around 70 for a high.'s

Today, is Bug-a-bug's birthday. The big seven. We've already had our traditional cupcakes for breakfast. I'll post pics later. I can't right now cause my computer keeps shutting of because its too hot. It needs to be cleaned out of dust, and this heat is not helping. Have a great day everyone!

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