Thursday, July 22, 2010

My computer as a nasty virus. No I don't want to delete my security software, nor do I want porn icons listed for me. ugghhh. We're trying to get rid of it now and I'm stuck using hubby's laptop. The keys are too close together and it drives me crazy.

I have to final exams this week. One today and one Saturday. I will hopefully do well enough to get a B in each class. I haven't studied alot and the test today is worth 400 points. ouch. Pray for me please.

My friend's son arrived this weekend from Japan. The kids love him, but he and Trey had a fight yesterday. Both boys are really tired and today they're sleeping in. I hope it helps them today.

This weekend, by inlaws, brotherinlaw and two nieces arrive for three weeks. We'll be very busy and with all the extra help from the kids, maybe I'll get my lesson planning done!

Have a great week!

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