Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have lots of pictures to post, but no time today. Let's see, we're off in a couple of hours to see the Needle and Pike's Fish Market in Seattle. I got two B's in my classes, although I had a horrible experience taking one of my final exams-they stuck us in the hallway of a very busy and noisy hallway. I was very frustrated, but it all ended well so I won't dwell on it. The boys returned from Boy Scout camp and had a fabulous time. They really enjoyed it alot. TL likes to whittle now. He's very creative, not like me drawing stick houses. Grandma, Papa, Uncle Chris, and two nieces made it safely from Iowa. We're sight seeing with them. Hopefully, the sun will peak out on us today for a little bit.

Enjoy everyone!

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  1. Good job on your college classes. I hope you have a great August. Can you believe it is August already?


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