Friday, October 2, 2009

Need some help

Anyone know where I can get a free blog template with three columns instead of two. I tried downloading two and they didn't work.


  1. Here are some places to try:

    If using minima in blogger.. Go to Layouts>Edit Html> copy all of the code from this link

    then you can preview template before saving to see if it made yours 3 column.. if not dont save it.. (I tried it and it works!)

    Also.. after you change to a 3 column template.. you can go to shabby blogs and or the cutest blog on the block to spice up if you wanted the look of your blog.. :D

    Take Care, Heather Flaherty
    If you need help let me know

  2. 3 Column Backgrounds The Cutest Blog on the block:

    3 Column Backgrounds Shabby Blogs:

  3. Yay for those links! Ive been wanting to find one myself. Ill check these out.

    Thanks for posting those Shopaholic!


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