Friday, October 30, 2009

Little Miss Trouble's birthday

We have been very busy this past week. Grandpa made it into town for the birthday and to celebrate his 60th on the first. As a surprise, I flew my brother in last night and he and Kevin met us out to dinner. Dad was very surprised to see the Kevin's squared walk up (both my husband and brother are Kevin).

Little Miss Trouble's birthday went off without a hitch. We had some neighbors over for hamburgers, hot dogs, and cake.

Of course, we still do our traditional cupcakes for breakfast on birthday mornings. Dad is home now for the next 2.5 years, but then goes off again to sea duty so we will continue this tradition and my hips will thank me later, I'm sure.

Here's the newest photo of Tylar. She's getting to be so much fun now, actually smiling and "talking" a little bit.

I have lots of other pictures to post as we've been very busy, when it hasn't been raining-pumpkin patch and carving, sights around Seattle and visiting the pioneer cemetary in what seemed like 40mph winds in freezing temps!

Have a great day!


  1. Two?! Goodness. We must have been doing this blogging thing for awhile because I remember her pictures when she was waaaaay smaller. Happy birthday! I saw an LCDR in the grocery store yesterday. I almost asked him how a sailor came to such a land-locked location. So, how much longer is daddy doing this sailor thing?

  2. Beautiful girls! That little one's smile is precious!


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