Thursday, October 8, 2009

Camping at Jim Creek

I have finally had a few moments to download the photos from our camping trip at Jim Creek two weeks ago. Enjoy the view-it was gorgeous there.

Little Miss Trouble checking out the water at the creek (and that's crick for you silly people that think its a creek).

TL playing in Jim Creek.

View from the top.

The leaves were just starting to change two weeks ago.

Check out the moss on the trees.

Even Shadow had a playmate, even if it was a smaller one!

The girls and our neighbor having a blast camping. They did so much together and had an awesome time!

This is a shot of the Twin Lakes that are at the top of the mountain. We literally drove straight up, on a gravel road, without a barrier and a cliff on one side. I don't do heights well and was freaking out the entire drive, but the view was wonderful.

This is a another shot of Twin Lakes. You can see the marsh land really well here. They have wonderful signs describing the wild life and the purpose of marsh land.

This is a picture of Jim Creek. This was a little bit from our campsite, but very pretty indeed.

The gorgeous view from our campsite. It was so nice and relaxing there.

Bug-a-bug chopping fire wood for the camp fire, and yes, we did have s'mores.

I should have the blog finished up this weekend, I hope anyway. I have five large bags of apples to make applesauce with and can. Thank you Angel, for your apple butter recipe. And special thanks to Heather for giving me the links needed to change my blog around.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I'm paging through our Hooked on Phonics books, searching for the double "e" short "i" sound. It's just not in there. I guess I'm up a creeeeeeeeek! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Okay, I just put Washington on the list for deployment sites. I agree with Arby. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Hey Michelle! Great pictures. I can NOT believe Kailyn!!!! When we left, she was the lil peanut!!! COURTNEY too!!! Those are the ones who have changed the most in my opinion. You still look great! God bless you. The Johnson Family misses the Subbert Family. Take care and thanks for sharing :) Love, B in OK

  4. You got some great photos on that trip.
    It looks absolutely gorgeous.
    I am sure you had a wonderful time together.


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