Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coupons, coupons, coupons

Kelli posted on her blog about her coupon obsession. While mine, is not quite like hers, I do strive to make some sort of sense of my coupon pile that is shoved in the "junk" drawer. I enjoy trying to see how much money I can save, although I never get over $15. This week is was $12. I tried to sneak in another $2 off coupon but the pimple faced youngster was alert enough to catch my coupon date.

We shop at the commissary. For you non-military, it is our grocery store. The great part is that we save significantly over regular super market prices. The bad part is that there isn't any coupon doubling or sales-ever. So when I see these great deals that others make, I get jealous.

I could I suppose, go through the ads in the paper and hope to find some awesome bargain sale that I could go to. Naw.....really, dragging five kids to the store to save $5 isn't my idea of a good time and I find that when they're with me, coupon shopping is very difficult. They keep dumping other items in the cart too, which racks up the total. So my charming hubby, lets me, on the weekends, run to the commissary all by myself for some adult time-with my coupons in hand and forty million people in the commissary all trying to save a buck.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Ive started doing the whole coupon thing recently (Kroger though sorry).. They double coupons and I can easily save at least 50% on my total. The other day I paid $80 from a $150 total.

  2. Ah, the commissary. I grew up a Navy brat and Big D was in the Navy when we first got married. There are things I miss about that place....the lines are not one of them. Hey...and any savings is a savings...be proud!

    About your spelling questions, we use Spelling Power, but I'm not sure about the dyslexia issue. I'm thinking that it may not be a good program for that. I have a friend who has a severely dyslexic son, and she homeschools. He just turned 12 and doesn't read as well as Harrison, who is 9. It was affecting every area of study. She finally got an official diagnosis, which qualified him for a special state tutoring program. I'm not sure how all that works with homeschooling and such, and I'm sure it varies state to state. It might be worth looking into though....

  3. My coupons are in the junk drawer, too!

    I'm thinking you get a good savings at the commissary from what I know of the prices there.
    You're probably saving more than most coupon shoppers do at a regular grocer.

    I think the most I ever saved was around $40.


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