Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update in pictures

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Here's a photo update of our week. As I stated below, we've been very busy this week with friends in town visiting.

This is a photo of Deception Pass Bridge from the Park area. The bridge connects Fidalgo Island and Whidbey Island. The view from above is spectacular, but the view from the beach we discovered was just as brilliant.

This is TL checking out the view from above.

Here's our girls and our friend's daughter. They are best buds.

Here's another gorgeous view.

Little Miss Trouble not only storing rocks in her pocket, but apparently tasting them too. Yum!

The Pacific Northwest is loaded with driftwood. This is not a closeup-entire tree trunks are the driftwood!

Thankfully, it was low tide and the kids had a blast climbing all over this rock. It made me nervous because of the whirlpools, which are quite dangerous here.

This tide pool is actually on top of that giant rock the kids were climbing. And who could miss the beautiful shot of my sneaker. For any new readers, this is how I show I was actually there. I know, I really need to get new shoes!

We had another big event this week. Bug-a-bug tested for her new belt in her Little Kickers Taekwondo class.

We're very proud of her. She did a great job and will receive her new belt and certificat this week.

I have more photos to upload. We're waiting for other friends to arrive home tonight to take our visiting friends over to their house for the night. They leave tomorrow morning and are getting a ride to the airport from them.

Have a wonderful week!

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