Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reorganization and project ideas needed!!

First, I want to thank God for providing my good friends with their newly adopted boys from the Ukraine!! They started this journey two years ago and have just returned home with their two new little boys. Read their adventures at:

Second, I have a ton of pictures from our camping trip this past weekend which I'll be uploading hopefully today. And a new picture of Bug-a-bug who lost her first tooth yesterday.

Now, I've decided our school schedule works well, but the same thing at the same time everyday is about enough to bore me to tears, so I'm changing it. Moving stuff around a little should help us out some, I hope!

Projects, projects, projects! I desperately need some project ideas. We're doing well with school, so good in fact, we're done by about 1:30 everyday. Problem is the school kids here don't get home until four. So, I'm adding in some projects, which I wanted to do anyway. I know that as we get more involved in science and history, our days will go a little longer, but not long enough. If I have to hear I'm bored one more time in the afternoon, I think I will go mad!

So, here's what we're doing now. Trey is currently working on a president project. He has to learn about the first ten presidents, one a week and do some lapbook work on each of them. Then he will spend another week, learning about the job of the president (I know its a little backward).

While he's working on this, the girls and I are doing a circle of Life lapbook and learning about animals. We will be picking several to study in depth and do posters and/or reports on.

This should take us to about Christmas. After Christmas, Trey will do the following projects (Some are very short):

Habitat study (we'll take one habitat a week or so to study and do a project-report or diarama)
Genealogy study-this will also include his requirements for his boy scout merit badge.

The Girls:
Habitat study
All about me lapbook
I'm thinking of maybe having them make menus for their play kitchen. They can then use their play money for their restaurant and practice their money skills.

After this, I'm outta ideas. Any suggestions?

Gotta run. Little Miss Trouble just reached into the fridge and poured me a glass of juice-too bad most if it ended up on the floor.

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