Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another update in pictures

For those of you looking for deep insights on homeschooling, sorry. I had about a month of photos to update you with!

Grandpa is so proud!! This is a face that he does with the kids!

Tylar looking up to her daddy!

Last week we went camping at the same place we stayed for six weeks when we moved here. The view is spectacular, but this sunset is amazing!! We could see the water and sunset through the trees!

Another view of a beautiful sunset.

Enjoying her swing.

Shadow and his girls!! Little Tylar looks like a baby doll!

Daddy and three of his girls. Little Miss Trouble was busy eating lunch.

Tylar's bath time. She looks a little frightened!

more to come....

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  1. Somehow I missed these. Great photos! And no, no lice!


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