Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly wrap up

Not having a working camera is really bugging me.  I have to paint the schoolroom and put curtains up, but I'd really love for everyone to see it and the gorgeous desks that my dad built the kids for Christmas. 

This week went pretty well.  We've been fighting colds and the remnants of the fever from last week so we didn't quite finish everything.  We'll be able to catch up next week on a few things that we didn't finish up.

The girls are started learning the states and their capitals.  We're learning five a week so we should be done by the end of this school year.  I pulled out some geography games so that we can play more and have some fun learning. 

I reinstated my edhelper subscription.  I wanted some more activities that are "fun" for the girls.  We've been doing okay with our workbooks and things, but I definitely need to put some more fun into our school day.  I also spent about an hour on pinterest pinning things to do and make for school.

TL is doing okay, although he keeps putting off his writing assignments.  He doesn't even care if I take points off of his grade.  I'm not sure how to make it more interesting for him to do.  Any suggestions anyone?

We are loving Tapestry of Grace.  I love having all of the information there for the week to study and do.  The readings are flexible in that I can switch out the books that she suggests for ones that I have or can find cheaply.  I am really enjoying the program and will post more about it later.

Math is going well for all the kids.  Even though TL hates watching the video for Saxon, he certainly gets more out of the instructor than he was getting from me and is doing better because of it.  Princess and Bug-a-bug are moving right along with their math.

Trouble is doing well learning her letters and their sounds.  She's doing really well in math too and I'm getting more things for her to do to make it more interesting and increase her learning.

I started back to school this week.  I have this class and one more and then my bachelor's will be complete.  I have looked into master's programs but probably won't start that until next January.  Its good to be back into school because I really do love it, I just have to relearn to adjust my schedule and spend more time in the schoolroom instead of the living room in front of the tv. 

TL and I are reading the original Swiss Family Robinson and I've started to read aloud a toned down version for the girls.  They are all loving the story.  I decided to start doing a read aloud at night for the big kids again.  I haven't pinned down what we're going to read yet.  I miss reading aloud to them and will be happy to get back into it.  The kids really enjoy it too.

I have started turning off the tv every night at 7pm.  We will be doing our bedtime routines, reading, and hopefully playing more games.  The tv has become a time sucker and waster for all of us and it needs to stop.  I commend those of you who have gotten rid of it entirely, but I can't pull the plug.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I love hearing about your week. It sounds like so much going on up your way. We use the tv too. I can't pull the plug either.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Hope you guys are recovering your sickness. We have been sick also. We just can't seem to get away from the TV either. Been reading down your blog to catch up, you've got some great plans for your farm. I'm still dreaming of a big place with land some day, LOL.


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