Friday, January 4, 2013

Farming Friday

I thought I would start posting some ideas for our farm or homestead on Fridays.  I'd really love for it to be homestead daze, but it doesn't flow as well. 

We have decided to convert part of the corn crib into the chicken coop.  We laid out plans that TL and I will be implementing in the spring.  We have alot of junk that the homeowner left that we need to clean out of there first.  I hope to start working on it in March/April.

April I will also start reviewing my garden plans and building boxes.  We decided to do raised bed gardening.  We're not getting any younger and kneeling down isn't something that Kevin or I want to do.

I'll also need to make the strawberry raised and tiered planter and figure out where the fruit trees are going to go.  I've decided on dwarf trees.  They produce less fruit but because they take up less space, you can plant more of them.  I'm excited that they only reach about 6ft tall.  I may add some semi-dwarfs next year.  We have three full size apple trees on the property now that badly need pruning.  I'm not looking forward to climbing a ladder to do that!

I've been drooling over my seed catalogs and have decided which seeds I will be buying.  I'll be placing my orders at the end of the month.  I can't wait to have some fresh veggies (and next year fruit)!! 

Did I mention that we're also getting a bottle fed calf?  A neighbor is going to rent our back pasture for some of his beef cows and he's giving us a calf in return.  "Ribeye" will be a nice addition to the homestead.

The big joke in our house is animals.  When we first got the farm, I envisioned chickens, a beef cow, and a pig.  Hubby was against it for some reason (he's come around now).  So I kept telling him that I was going to raise alpacas instead!!  Last night he sent me a Craigslist item that had alpacas for sale!!  We joked about it......and then he added that he wants to raise bison.   Thank goodness he's just joking!

I'm off for now.  Have to take TL to our church for teen night.  I pick him up at midnight and have the whole evening planned out to do all kinds of lesson planning!!  I'm really trying to get totally organized this year!!

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