Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our 2012-2013 Reading Lists

I am totally not ready to start school this week.  My hubby left Saturday and my dad just left today.  I haven't taken down Christmas decorations and I still have lessons to plan out.  I'm almost done with the rest of the year's planning.  I will enjoy having them all done when I start school back up on the 14th. 

I decided to plan each subject, not by week, but by the number of lessons we have left.  Reading and math for instance we do five days a week, history and science four days, and other things we only do three or two times a week.  I gave us a week's worth of lessons as a grace period.

I love Tapestry of Grace.  I will post on this later this week.

I was able to lay out the kids' literature assignments  for the rest of the year.  I had to switch gears for Shakespeare for TL.  Originially, we were going to watch a play while doing a study on Shakespeare and then read another play, however we won't have time for that.  Our late start and my illness this year put us a little behind.

His 9th grade reading list for this year is as follows:

The Hobbit
Swiss Family Robinson
Tell Tale Heart
Cask of Amantillado
Hamlet video
Midsummer Nights Dream video
Last of the Mohicans
Mysterious Island
Rip Van Winkle
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Wind in the Willows
Princess and Bug-a-bug's reading list is as follows:
Sarah, Plain, and Tall
The Boxcar Children
The Courage of Sarah Noble
Little House in the Big Woods
Little House on the Prairie
Henry Hudgins
Encyclopedia Brown
I hope to finally finish updating my blog this weekend.  I still have last year's curriculum up!!  ugh!!  And the pictures are really really old!!  I still don't have  working camera but I'm sure I have newer pictures than this!!
Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. We are back to doing the basics and I am trying to plan out the semester for Joe since he will not be returning to the co-op. Planning day here, too!

    1. The co-op didnt work out for Joe? We so a small co-op here although the Pastor and I would really like to move it into something more. We only go twice a month for a couple of hours!


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