Monday, January 28, 2013

Our island adventure

The kids are in the middle of a project that I designed for them.  We're reading Swiss Family Robinson.  TL is reading the original and the girls are reading a more simplified version.

They have to design an island that they have been deserted on.  Draw a map of it, labeling water and land features.

They have to design a shelter.  They may either built it or draw it or both if they desire.

They have to research five animals that they choose to be on the island.  I think right now each of the girls has twelve.  They are very enthusiastic.

And they have to do three journal entries:

1.  Describe how they got to the island and who they are with.  Describe what they are doing for shelter.

2.  Describe two animals that they have encountered.  Finish talking about their shelter and discuss what kind of foods they are eating and how they are getting it.

3.  Make up an adventure that happens to them on the island

They are all excited about this project.  I'm excited too and can't wait to see the results.  Hopefully I'll have a camera soon and can show you!


  1. What an awesome project. I bet they will have a blast with this one. Pleae share with us what they come up with.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Sounds wonderful! I so wish my teen girls were excited about learning like yours. They are doing paces and counting down the days/years to being finished with school. I've tried all kinds of curriculum and learning with them and they hated everything, except for the paces. They don't like them, but they do them, so they don't have to do anything "fun."


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