Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hubby's orders have been cut.  He has to be in CA mid-September so it looks like we'll travel with him.  It will probably be too warm in Lemoore for us then so we'll head to the coast until it gets cooler.  I don't want to blow the A/C in the camper.

Until then, I'll be cleaning and organizing.  And desperately trying to figure out how to pack about six months worth of stuff into a 34 ft camper.

And so it begins................................


  1. Yeah!! So glad that you finally have orders! :) Good luck with the packing. I can't even imagine packing everything I'd need for six months.

  2. Hi Michelle, what a wonderful feeling to finally have orders. We have them until March, then it's all up in the air again. He didn't even get a full year extention. So, I'm wondering and praying about a possible move. We've been here almost 11 years. Won't packing be fun. Have a wonderful trip moving down the coast.

  3. OK, help me understand your timeline. I see September as two months away.
    Will you not have a house available there at that time?
    Why do you need six months worth in the camper?
    When should you be moving into a house in Lemoore?
    I"m sure you've already covered that, but I'm missing it somehow, sorry.


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