Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lesson planning and financial wisdom

I am working hard on my lesson plans.  My goal is to have all/most of them done by the end of the month.  I pretty much write my own history, literature, and science lessons; so it takes me a while.  This year I also have to work on my preschool stuff.  I've got that outlined, just getting it all set takes a little time.  I'm gathering binders, books, and other stuff and piling it on the table.  This will be my work space for a while. 

Long ago I figured out how much money we would save if we didn't order out for pizza every week.  Pizza is a family favorite and easy to make, however, costs a bundle to buy.  At $20 per week, we were spending $1040 a year on pizza, and that's if we only spent $20.  Usually it was more.  Now, I stock up on pizza making supplies and make our pizza night really fun for the kids.

We don't often eat out, its just too expensive.  We did once this week because daddy was leaving and it was a huge bill.  I felt guilty for asking to go out to eat when we could have spent the money somewhere else.  I guess its alright if you only go once in a blue moon, but I doubt we'll be eating out any time soon.

Our other big luxury is dairy queen.  The kids love to go for ice cream.  Most of the time its too cold here to go out to have any, but we go on several occassions.  I've seen that bill go up and up too.  My kids love when we make ice cream at home, so I think that will be our plan from now on.  I plan on stocking up on fun sundae materials and of course, straws for milkshakes (another favorite).

We enjoy donuts too, however, we don't have a donut shop on the island.  I'm toying with making my own.  I've done it once and it wasn't too hard.  I just need to find a good recipe.  Anyone got one to share?

How does your family save money food wise?  Do you go out to eat often?  Splurge on donuts or ice cream?


  1. Oh Michelle, you can't be putting in posts like this one. It will kill my weight loss. Icecream sounds too good at any time. Your post tempts me.
    As for us eating out, rarely. Like you said, "It is too expensive." We keep pizza fixings around also. We also do Banana Splits, Sundays, etc. at home. You get more for your money. You can eat icecream days in a row compared to going out one time for it.
    When you guys recieve your orders you can take the long way around to CA and swing through AL if you'd like. We might even have some icecream, LOL.

  2. I am choking on the cost of pizza when you add it all up. I've just never done the math, but boy does it hurt to see the big number. I think we will be making our own now. Why is it so easy to shrug it off when it is just one expense at a time, but when you see the annual total the eyes bug out?
    Thank you for sharing all that. It will make a difference here.


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