Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just waiting......

One of the things that frustrates me about the military is the waiiitttiiinnngggg.  We're still waiting for orders to be signed so we have official word on our move.  We can't pack up or leave housing without it.  So, I'm waiting......although not so patiently.  You see, I wanted to be packed up before hubby leaves for seven weeks next week.  I wanted to move around in the camper and see some more of WA.  Nope, I'm stuck in the house, waiting, waiting.....I could get the camper and travel, but I still have to return and pack up the house.....ggrrrrr....

In the meantime, here's some things I will miss about WA.  These I took while walking down the street.

Here's our Campfire Kids year end celebration.  Bug-a-bug is singing with her leader.  We'll miss Campfire Kids.  The girls have really enjoyed it.  Sadly, no campfire kids near us when we move.  I looked for Heritage Girls too, and they are pretty far away.  There's a great Awana program, but I wanted more.  I'm not a fan of Girl Scouts and their new program.

Princess is lighting the candle for the ceremony.

I'm going to miss our swing set.  The back yards are really tiny where we're moving and it won't fit.  The kids spend lots of time swinging.  Its also Monkey's favorite thing to do.

Monkey loves to swing!

TL getting his green belt.  He has to start all over with another form of taekwondo when we move.  They don't have a studio anywhere near that he could continue. 

Little Miss eating tacos.  I didn't realize I haven't taken any recent photos of her.  The girls took this one day during lunch.

Right now, I'm trying to organize lessons for next year.  I'm trying to get the history, science, and geography all planned out.  I just bought binders to keep all these plans in.  Why I never did that before I'll never know.  I decided to make the plans user friendly to accomodate the different levels of learning.  I'm going to have binders galoore, but then I shouldn't have to do much planning with the little ones!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!  I look forward to hearing about your lessons for next year.  Do you plan during the summer? 


  1. The waiting is SOOO hard! I hope that you get orders soon so that you can do some more exploring in Washington before you move. I'm really looking forward to moving back to WA someday.
    As soon as we finish unpacking the house (and we're getting close), I'm going to dive into school planning. I didn't have much time to plan last year and I regretted it all year long...

  2. Hi Michelle, it's been a while, me dropping by. I have been so busy. I'm sorry your still waiting. I hope you get your orders soon so you can get your new address. We thought we might send you guys a surprise from time to time. Hopefully the orders will come soon.

  3. I hope you get your orders asap and that you have a chance to explore a bit before settling in to the new place. Waiting is so hard.

    I am currently planning, planning, planning for our Pre-K and K.
    I love my binder!


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