Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer schedule

We've been on summer schedule, unintentionally for about a month already.  We were expecting orders to be cut for us to move so we went to half school days to clean out and organize stuff.  Then the sicknesss hit that lasted about 10 days.  Then it was really too late to start a new unit for science and history.  So, we've just been working on math, reading, writing, and spelling.

We'll continue the same for the summer, only working four days a week, about an hour each day.  Not each thing everyday, just a little.  This will help too, for when we do move out of the house and into the camper. 

I'm still working on lessons for next year.  I want all my copies made and lessons made for history, geography, and science.  I will probably be working on reading this summer.  I have a bunch of books to read and prepare for TL's school year. 

I'm still working on making a small stockpile of food and supplies for the house.  Not extreme couponish-some of those people are nuts.  I saw one lady with diapers and no child.  Another had 78 bags of cat treats she got for free and she doesn't have a cat.  Then why not give it to the local shelter?  Some of them do, but most don't.  I consider that hoarding, especially when you have 250 rolls of toilet paper under the bed.

None of the stores on the island double coupons, so I'm settling for stocking up when things are on sale and trying to use a coupon with them.  Cereal is a big item.  I try not to pay over $1.25 a box.  I've got bbque sauce, ketchup, and a couple of other things that I've stocked up.  I've got soap and deodorant for the boys stocked up.  I have eight bottles of good smelly soap for the girls. Unfortunately with five of us in the house, that won't last too long!  I need to stock up on shampoo and toothpaste.  I would really love to know how they stock up on free toilet paper.  I would love not to spend money on something we literally flush down the toilet. 

Its a rainy day here on the island.  I'm going to do a little cleaning and climb Mt. Laundry and the kiddos are going to have a movie day I think.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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