Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom Time

The past few weeks, we've all struggled with poor attitudes.  I've been praying on it because I've probably been the worst offender.

Today was a gorgeous sunny day, until an hour ago.  Now its cloudy and cold again.  Its been that way for weeks.  We've had alot of rain and its been cold.  That has really affected our attitudes.  Plus, I've been tired from lack of sleep and trying to do my homework.  Thankfully, I have only a few terms left and then I will be "edjumacated".  I hope to finish my bachelor's degree by December.

Today a lightbulb went off over my head.  Yes, I good hear the click and "see the light".  Not only were we suffering from dark and gloomies, my kids were really wanting some one on one mom time.  We usually do as much school as we can together.  I can see that its not working anymore.  I need to focus on working with the kids one on one more.

Today I did that.  I threw the schedule out the window.....we don't use it anyway.  Its more of a checklist of subjects to complete each day.  I focused on spending time with each child.  All but Princess, who believes that she really is one, I was much more successful today.  TL only really needs my help with a couple of questions, spelling (we use All About Spelling), math, and grammer.  Its pretty easy for  me to work with one girl, give him ten minutes or so and then work with the other and back to him for a few minutes.  I have to say, it worked out really well.  We didn't finish everything, but well, did I mention it was sunny today?  It took me a while to figure out what that giant yellow thing in the sky was....at first I thought we were being attacked by space aliens. 

I'm hoping that as they get used to this routine, things will run much more smoothly.  Its hard to devote attention to one when the others are interrupting.  I think that once they realize it will only be a few minutes, they will learn to wait patiently.  (I can hope, right?)  Each will have assignments to work on while waiting and the big girls like to color and read to the littles.  It helps keep them busy and make the big girls feel like "teachers".

So, on Mondays, Thursday, and Fridays we will work on :

Tuesday are:
Library day
all the above but history and science

Wednesday are the "easy" days.  I have a crazy night of running around Tuesday night and everyone's usually tired on Wednesday.  So we do History, Science, Geography, Art, and Music.  Any projects/experiments are done on this day. 

I've also been alot better at reading aloud.  the kids  are really enjoying it and so am I.  TL and I are reading 39 clues and girls and I are reading Felicity.

I have also taken away Bible Study.  The kids just weren't getting what I wanted out of it.  Instead, I'm reading bible passages adn we're discussing them.  Its going much better.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. One-on-one time with the kids is as important for the parents as it is for the kids. We took Major Havoc out for some one-on-one time (well, two-on-one time) with mom and dad. It was fun.

  2. Sometimes we just need to change things up a bit to re-charge.
    One-on-one is always a good thing.

  3. I agree with the above commenters. Both parents & children need time together and sometimes we do need that time to recharge. 1 on 1 = Building relationships (Something I desire to always have with my children)
    Your postcards should be arriving any day now.

  4. Hi Michelle, we are okay praise God. We did have some pretty rough wether. (I see you figured out about where we live, he he.) Now you'll have to come visit sometimes.
    Did you guys get your postcards yet?

  5. The attitudes have been bad here as of late also. Yup, and mine too. :( I also do find that when attitudes are the worst is when the children need more of me, especially one on one time. One of my children in particular. If he is acting horribly I know all he needs is time spent with me and the problem is usually solved.

    Hope the new routine works for you!



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