Monday, April 4, 2011


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  How many of us just make something quick or point to the cereal box and tell the kids to get some?  Making a meal every morning can be taxing and can be exhausting trying to find new breakfast ideas.  Check out Mr. Breakfast.  I've found some fantastic recipes for muffins, eggs, french toast......all kinds of new and interesting ideas.

I hope to really focus on making good breakfast food for my kids.  They really love muffins with hard boiled eggs, sometimes adding fruit or yogurt.  A well rounded breakfast to fill up my little munchkins and keep them full so halfway through the morning they're not looking for a snack.  Try it out and let me know of any good recipes you find!


  1. Thanks for the link. Even though my hubby does a lot of the cooking here, I'm responsible for breakfast, and I get tired of the same ol' things. This looks like a great site!

  2. Ohhh, you got me, I'm one of those that doesn't always rise up and cook a great breakfast for my bunch. You are so right, breakfast is very important. I really need to be more diligent about preparing a nutritious breakfast.
    Your children should be very inteligent from eating the eggs. I read several years back that eggs a few times a week enhances brain cells for memorization.
    I saw some other bloggers sending postcards to each other for cultural/state studies, would you guys be interested in exchanging some with us so we can have postcards from Washington state for our notebooks?

  3. Thanks for the link! I will do pancakes about once a week and my husband cooks a big breakfast one day on the weekend, but the rest of the week it's usually cereal - and my kids are hungry ALL MORNING LONG!

  4. I eat oatmeal.

    Every day.

    You don't have to say it.

    I know.


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