Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Anyone been watching this new show on TLC?  Some of these people are absolutely ridiculous.  Really, what do you need with 57 mustards?  We may use two a year and that's only because we keep one in the camper.  With a shelf life of about two years, you'd have to use 28 a year.  Hmmm, what could I make with mustard?  Mustard cookies, mustard pie, mustard milkshakes?

Others have huge stockpiles.  I can see buying something on sale and buying several.  I even listened to the one woman who said that the sales run about every three months, so buy what you need during that time frame.  That makes sense, and she had a pile for about that time frame. 

One man extreme coupons.  He gives alot away to the local food bank.  He also just make 1000 bags to give to the soldiers.  I can't complain about what he's doing.  He realizes that he can get it all for free and is happy to give away to those in need.  Like he said, he'd never be able to afford it otherwise.

Kevin and I have been watching the show in awe of the piles of money they save.  We've been discussing the last few weeks of the rise in the prices at the grocery store.....and we don't even have teenagers yet.  Something has to be done.  We just can't afford it and until I own my own land to plant a huge garden and have chickens and a pig, all I can do is buy what we need.

We shop at the commissary, which is the military grocery store.  Items are generally cheaper than out in town.  The problem is that nothing ever goes on sale.  The last two weeks, I've been watching the sale ads out in town.  With coupons, I could have stocked up on many items and saved alot of money.  Thankfully, the stores are all within a mile of our house and right around the corner from each other.  I can run in with my list and coupons and get exactly what I want.  I can also look into store brands, which are generally alot cheaper, but we don't have them at our commissary.  Hopefully, I can start cutting down our grocery bill.  Its getting ridiculous.

My first step is to make a master list of what I generally buy at the commissary and the price I pay for it.  With this in hand, I will be able to glance at the ads and know if there's a better deal out in town.

This will take time and preparation each week.  However, I don't work and we need to start looking into saving for a house and college for the kids.  Let's face it, military careers are not money makers.  And with the problems nailing down a budget in Washington, I'd feel a little better having a month or two of food in the house just in case we don't get paid. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am a "cherry picker." I will go to a specific store to pick up an item that is one sale, and repeat that process at other stores. A deal is a deal.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Check your in town store for a discount card, and ask if they have military discount days. We offer 5% back on M,T,and W, but the store doesn't advertise it. I ask the customers on that day for their id's.
    Also be careful of print your own coupons, we get a lot that are vague - not for a specific brand, just 55 cents off eggs. No Good. Anything free or higher than 1.00 is probably a fraud. Be careful. The stores don't get paid back and the clerk gets 'in trouble' for taking the bad coupon. It's a guessing game lots of times. Happy shopping in town. You also don't have to tip the sackers unless you want to and they've done a good job. (I don't like that at our commissary).

  3. I always assumed the commisary was a great deal, but then I've never been in one. I shouldn't be surprised by what you've shared....sounds like gov't contracting to me.

    I've never seen the show myself. I do use some coupons and have found that Wal-Mart will often price match other store's ads so I can just take in their ads to WM and not have to physically go to more than one store to get the same prices. I also buy in bulk for a month or two at a time and save that way. And I make a lot from scratch and do things like eating oatmeal (purchased in bulk) every day rather than a box of cereal per day.

  4. I agree these people are insane (and greedy). Especially the one lady who was stockpiling diapers (I call that hoarding) when she doesn't even have a kid. Couponing CAN save you a lot, though it does take some time and strategy. Go to to get started. :)

  5. Hi Michelle, couponing will help you save money. I coupon shop. I do try to stock at least three months of items. If you will watch the sales (especially the BOGO sales) and then use your coupons, you'll get name brand things tremendously cheaper than store bought brands.


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