Friday, March 18, 2011

Weekly wrap up/japan update/Curriculum review

This week has been a mixture of juggling school while watching the news.  Its difficult for any of us to concentrate with our friends lives in jeopardy. 

Contrary to news reports, the dependents are NOT being evacuated.  The military is assisting them with with a VOLUNTARY DEPARTURE.  It is not mandatory.  They are not forcing everyone to leave.  There are some that are opting to stay.

Hopefully, I'll find out in a few hours where and when they are sending my friends.  We've heard they are being sent to three different cities on the west coast, Seattle is one of them.  I've offered our home for those that need it.  We'll work out space somehow!!

We've managed to do the basics and even a little science and history this week.  I'm totally surprised we got that much done. 

I knew that Princess needed to start learning her mulitplication table and I've been dreading it.  It took forever for her to memorize her addition/subtraction facts.  I finally got the addition/subtraction storybook from  Only took a few weeks for her facts to be memorized!  I was sooooo grateful.

Today we started her multiplication facts.  I went ahead and ordered the cd rom and flashcards for the multiplication facts.  I love the cdrom and so did Princess!!  She knew her one's and zero's and today learned her 2's and 3x3 and 3x4.   The stories are fun and engaging and there are songs and games to play.  It makes learning the facts fun.  Much more interesting than doing the flashcards everyday!!  If only we'd had this years ago when I was learning them!!

I'll tell you that it is pricey.  The cdrom was $44 and the flashcards were extra.  I didn't purchase the teacher's guide or the workbook.  I didn't find them that useful for the addition facts so I didn't bother spending the money.  Each of the flashcards has a picture of the story on it for the kids to remember the story and answer.  I had thought that it would be difficult to remember all of that, but it wasn't.  The girls really enjoyed learning their addition/subtraction facts.  With four children to get through multiplication facts, I figured that the investment was worth it.

The Writing Menu-what a success!!  The girls had a great time doing their assignments this week.  I did figure out though, that if I'm working on teaching them something in history, science, or geography, I need to wait until the following week to do the writing assignmnet.  It just didn't work out well this week.  I'm extending their assignment until next week so they can complete their writing assignments. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hmmm....I'll have to look into those math resources. Like you said, with four more to go through them it makes the cost seem a bit more reasonable.

  2. Hoping and praying your friends get out safely! We have used Timez Attack from for learning multiplication facts. We ended up purchasing the full version, but you can download for free a version that can very easily be used successfully.

    Got my Writing Menu and have been reading through it to plan how it will fit into our family. I'm excited to implement it. Thanks for the tip about working a week behind history/science/literature content.

  3. I droppd by to see if you have heard rom yorfriends. Are they safe now? We have been praying for them.


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