Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still here

Its been a crazy week.  I'm exhausted.  I don't think you're supposed to be already tired when you wake up in the morning.  Monkey is cutting teeth and up every night a couple of times.  I'm really too old for this.  I feel it ten times the next day!!

So, here's what we've been up to in pictures:

Monkey practicing her horse riding skills

Of course, we can't forget our hat!

The three oldest at their riding lesson.  I guess I had a smudge on my lens.

TL's first lesson

When we left the lessons, this guy was just sitting in a tree on the side of the road

Have a great week!!  Daddy comes home this weekend and I'm taking a nap!!


  1. Hope those teeth come in soon so you can get some sleep! Looks like you've had a great week in spite of being tired. Love that eagle capture; I have never seen one on the wild.

  2. I hear ya on the sleep thing. I was up a LOT last night with sickies. It is so much harder the closer I get to 40. Then I had to get up early just in case the roofer showed up early.....but of course he still isn't here.

    My kids would be so jealous about riding lessons so I'll just make sure they don't see this post ;)

  3. Awesome photo of the majestic eagle. I'd love to see it personally.

  4. Ah, cutting teeth. I am SO done with that! I hope you get a nap soon. Be well!

  5. My DD would be jealous of the riding lessons also. I would love to see an eagle in the wild. Praying your little one gets the tooth cut soon, bless you.


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