Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan cont'd

Our friend's husband, Minoru, has been found safe in Tokyo.  He was able to finally get through to his wife and we are so grateful.

And now, more problems.  The Nuclear reactor is not cooling.  Sea water is being used as a last resort.  Please continue to pray. 


  1. I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around what has been happening over there. I've been out of the news cycle for two days, in the field with Boy Scouts. Will pray...

  2. So glad that he is safe. Will continue to pray for the people of Japan.

  3. Oh, I'm so thrilled that your friend has been located. We have been praying for all of Japan.
    When the news was sending out reports for the entire west coast, I was so concerned for your family. I told my mom she had to help us pray that you all were like our family. I know we only post comments from time to time, but you really get to know other families through those posts. We thank God for watching over your family.


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