Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What a crazy busy year 2009 was. 2010 looks alot more relaxed-only because we're not moving from overseas back to the states or traveling from Iowa to Virgina then back to Washington state in our camper. Still, it will be busy with kids activities, camping, and of course, daddy traveling.

Kevin leaves tomorrow for six weeks. Sunny San Diego and then Fallon, NV are on tap. In March, he gets to go to Key West. Yeah, I'm really feeling for him. I did tease him, that the college girls on spring break would be less than impressed with a slightly out of shape, graying, balding 40s guy strutting his stuff on the beach. He laughed and thought that was funny. He'll actually probably be on the golf course instead of the beach.

I will be focusing on my New Year's "resolutions". Which include getting into shape and losing this baby weight, keeping myself from falling behind with homeschooling, college, and housework, reading to the kids more, and doing more inspection instead of expectation from them.

The first two are pretty basic. And I will kill two birds with one stone. I've gotten an exercise bike to do my reading/studying on for college. I cannot sit still and read or study. I've never been able to do that. That's probably why Trey can't either-we just have to move. That's okay, I can get into shape and study too. Great.

Reading to the kids more. Sometime, during this tremendously busy and stessful year, that has totally fallen apart. I have started reading more during the schoolday, but nighttime reading has totally disappeared. And it needs to reappear and fast. I sat down and pulled out all the books I would like to read with the kids. The girls and I will work on finishing Betsy-Tacy, finishing a fairy tale book, and then I think move onto reading Peter Rabbit. Kailyn has a small stack of board books. I need to hit the thrift store to get a few more. Trey and I have several series that we want to read. First, will be the Kingdom series by Chuck Black then onto The Cooper Kids Adventure series by Frank E. Peretti. I also need to get him the next installment of Jonathon Park, because well, we all love that. I'm also looking into the 39 Clues books. Anyone read them? Are they any good? I keep hearing about them! I've also made a list of read aloud for during homeschooling time. We're currently about halfway through Pilgrim's Progress and I'll post this list when we get closer to finishing it.

The last is something I really need to focus on. I've been guilty of giving assignments or chores that I don't follow through to make sure they're done or done properly. I've been caught spending more time than necessary on the computer. From now on, I will only be posting blog entries and checking email. No facebook games, no just blindly sitting and searching for something to read. I need to inspect their work, follow through with them and show a good example. No more just expecting it to be done and getting frustrated because it wasn't or wasn't done correctly, and I waited too long to go over the correct way with them. My own fault and I need to own up to it and fix it. Refocus, recover, reflect.

I'm hoping by typing this into my blog, I will make myself more accountable. So, on Fridays, I will do a Frankly Friday blog. I will post my progress on this list and an update on our homeschooling week. So, needless to say, Friday's blogs may be a bit boring for you to read-sorry in advance.

Hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed week this week!!

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  1. I like your Frankly Friday idea. That should be a help. I started reading at Breakfast to the boys and at lunch. I then eat before or after when they are back to individual work. We have cut our workday down an hour or two by getting Bible, history, literature and science done this way. But I know you have a little one in the mix, that would make it harder. I will be back to ready your Frankly Fridays.
    Hugs, from Kansas


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