Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One can only laugh....

Tuesday nights are usually busy for us. Taekwondo is from 4-4:30 for Bug-a-Bug. We run home and eat and its out the door again to drop the oldest girls at Awana and TL at Boy Scouts. I usually take the hour that I have to run errands, which I was planning to do last night since daddy's gone for six weeks and I would only have two kids.

Little Miss Trouble had fallen asleep at 4:30 and missed dinner, so I decided to roll through Burger King to get her some nuggets and fries to munch on while we were shopping; and silently hoping that she wouldn't run all over the store then. TL was still with me as I had a few minutes before dropping him off.

I turned to see "the look" on Little Miss Trouble's face and then the floodgates opened. Vomit everywhere, but mostly on herself. Alot of it. I pulled over and cleaned her up as best as I could. We were about two minutes from home, so, I ran TL over to Boy Scouts and went home. The scent was strong, but not too bad, I've smelled alot worse. TL had his head hanging out the window yelling, "It smells so bad, I think I can taste it in my mouth." Okay, no need to get dramatic here.

Got her home, cleaned her up. Went another round. Went to bed, had another round. That's when she decided to share her fun with Bug-a-Bug. Such a nice sweet girl, wanting to share. Bug-a-bug decided that after one lightning round, that the Vomit Game wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and slept the rest of the night.

It's now 9am and all my kids and still sleeping. And I'm letting them!


  1. Yikes! We didn't share that with you through a blog, did we?

  2. Doesn't it always happen when the men are away? Hope Dad didn't take it with him. Glad it seems to have passed you by. Keep it that way, okay.
    Will send up a prayer for you.

  3. Ummmm....gross. I don't think there's anything much worse than vomit in the car.


  4. Ugg! Not in the car. It is always in the car isn't it. I hope it stopped with just the two kids.


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