Friday, January 8, 2010

The Law of Physics

The Law of Physics states that "when your spouse deploys, even for the shortest amount of time, one of the following will happen: the car will break down, a major appliance will break down, or most commonly, a child will get ill."

Thursday night (aka Friday morning at 1am), I took hubby to the base. He had a bunch of work to do before leaving early Friday am for San Diego and then some desert part of CA. Rather than let me sleep for a few hours, and get me up at 4am to take him, we decided the lesser of two evils was one am. We woke up TL to keep an eye out, put the dog on high alert, and headed out the door. Less than twenty minutes later, I was back home, brushing my teeth, eager to climb into bed and pass out. That's when the law took affect.

Now, generally, its a day or so before things happen. Took a few weeks after he left once, for Princess to break her arm. Strep throat for the oldest three took place a month after he left another time.

Not this time!! He hadn't even been gone for thirty minutes!! And here was Little Miss Trouble throwing up-all over my bed!!!!

She did end up throwing up a second time about an hour later, but never ran a fever and was totally fine yesterday. I really think something in her tummy didn't agree with her.

I'm praying nothing else goes wrong!


  1. We had mystery vomiting in our bed last night. Why do the kids need to vomit in our beds? Why can't they vomit in their own beds and then come to us for comfort? Do round steak and noodles come up more gently in mom and dad's queen size bed? It's a mystery. A stinky, sheet changing mystery.

  2. The law hits Mom around here. Black eye from chopping wood, tire blew out on the bike going down hill in a turn, you probably remember some of the postings. Sorry, to hear the little one was ill. Hopefully that will be it for this trip.

  3. Hope there is no more illness. Your maple syrup study looks great. I hope that all of your goals for 2010 come true.

  4. That happens to be too when my hubby is traveling. Whatever can go wrong does. I think it's version 2.0 of Murphy's Law. I hope everyone is better soon!


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