Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still organizing....

I just realized that even though all my lesson plans are done and everything is organized, as well as it can be anyway, I forgot to make files to put the kids school work into. I used to put everything in notebooks, but let's face it, it didn't work. I'd end up with a huge stack of paper that needed holes punched, sorted by child and subject and then put into the notebooks. Not doing it this year. This year, we're going to stick to filing in file folders. Much easier, simpler, and quite frankly, less brain cells to use.

I cleaned out the garage yesterday. It was the last big project to tackle. Now that that's done, I can concentrate on getting things hung up. The echoing is a little loud in here.

We also bought some paint. This is the first military housing that allows us to paint with approval. I am soooo tired of white walls, with cheap flat paint that totally attracts little gooey sticky fingers to it and then it doesn't come clean or the paint is wiped off too (from being so cheap). We're painting the downstairs hall tan and I'm going to sponge a soft blue in the school room to offset the flourescent pink chairs and bright curtains.

Tomorrow is off to the dentist with five kids, four of which have appointments. If I survive, I'll blog again tomorrow!! hehe


  1. Glad to hear it is all coming together for you in WA. We start braces tomorrow with the oldest. Ouch! for him and the pocket book. Our state is so laid back on homeschooling that I keep one drawer for each of the boys papers. The whole school year goes in, then dumped into a box at the end of the year. I should probably move to folders by ninth grade.

  2. Five kids to the dentist? At once? You're braver than I am!


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