Sunday, August 16, 2009

The plot to drive me crazy

I didn't realize it. It started innocently enough. I was sure hubby was trying to drive me mad by insisting that our new daughter be named after two teen pop stars. Weeks went on and everytime I mentioned thinking of a name, he brought this crazy name up. Finally, I'd had it and insisted on a proper name for our child.

Then came the socks. Now, let me explain to those that don't know what our last few months have been. We left Japan in February, flew to IA for a few weeks to visit family, bought a camper, drove to VA for 8 weeks, the kids and I drove the camper back to IA (hubby had to attend a school) for a few days, and then drove to MT to pick up daddy. We then drove the last few days together to WA. Almost this entire time we were in our camper. Before I left Japan, I went through everyone's sock drawer. If there wasn't a match, I tossed it out. No point in packing it. Into each suitcase went MATCHING pairs of socks. About eight sets for each person.

I do laundry daily since moving into our house. The laundry room is conviently upstairs so there's no lugging laundry around the house. The kids have been good about putting their laundy in the baskets to be done and I even have a table in the laundry room to fold and sort laundry. Socks are washed about twice a week and I usually match them up when I have the time.

This is where the plot thickens. Where the attempt to drive me mad starts again. My not so innocent husband, who we will call the ring leader, and my not so innocent children are all participating in this plot.

I matched socks yesterday. EVERYONE had at least three socks that didn't have a match. AND little Miss Trouble? FIFTEEN socks without matches. How on earth is that possible? I looked under beds, behind dressers, and under the laundry baskets. No matches to be found.

I'm positive that when I am at the hospital next week, they will be sitting around matching socks to the ones that they HID on me and laughing and having a good time. I will return home to the land of matched socks and know that they were attempting to drive me crazy!!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. I totally agree about socks!!! I'm in the exact same boat. I finally just threw out the non-matching ones last month and it was a freeing experience. :)


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