Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coke bottle glassess.......

So, I'm back from my doctor's appt, at which by the way, I did not get my surgery time for next week.
I have to say however, that I am very, very grateful that this was not the doctor cutting me open next week. Now, don't get me wrong, he seemed very nice and as knowledgeable as I guess he needed to be in the three minutes that I saw him.
However, he had the largest, thickest glasses I've ever seen. You know that new Scoobydoo cartoon where the kids are little and Velma walks really fast and has these huge glasses that make her eyes look ten times bigger than they are-well that's what he had.
No problem, after all he needs them to see, right?
I didn't get worried until he needed to read something off of my file and had to put it right at the end of his nose to read it!!
Oh boy!!
Like I said, thank goodness, he's not cutting me open next week. I just pray I don't go into labor until then as the other doctor is on leave this week.
I just wonder how he sees babies when they are born naturally-he must need one heck of a catcher's mitt!!


  1. Hey Michelle,

    I'm so excited for you about the baby. What exactly is the time and date, so that I can be praying for you at that time. I'm in Louisiana, so how many hours are you ahead or are you behind? I'm not really sure. LOL!!!

    We didn't have a name picked our for our last daughter either. My husband kept saying Krystle. I think the name is very pretty, but didn't feel right about it. I kept thinking Hope, but my husband reminded me that our neighbor had a niece with that name. I said so? Anyway, when she was born and I held her, I called her by Krystle and knew that it was not the name for her. I then called her Hope and it fit perfectly. I called my husband and let him know and he agreed. She wasn't officially named until the second day after she was born. ;-)

    I'll bookmark your new site and stay in touch.

    What makes blogspot better than homeschoolblogger?


  2. Well, the silver lining is that he didn't walk in using a red tipped cane!

  3. I prefer my surgeons to be sighted, too. =/


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