Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, this year we are very lucky to have a schoolroom. It may be small, but much better than the small dining room with the large dining room table that we had in Japan. I like that I can keep the spaces separate.

With our new space, we needed to get several things, first was a chair for me. Our computer chair broke in Japan so we needed a new one. We did splurge and get me a nice one, since I'll be sitting in it alot and since I'll probably be nursing in it alot! Here's Little Miss Trouble checking out the chair for me. Making sure that it works correctly of course!! Next to the desk is TL's area and a bookshelf that I have put our basice supplies, like paper on. I also moved the copier/printer to this shelf giving me a much bigger work space in our computer hutch. Its nice to have the space in there!!

This is a close up of TL's work area. We had to buy all the kids desks and chairs since we moved into this room. We were lucky to find rather cheap, and therefore cheaply made, desks for them. We did decide on computer chairs to raise them up and down as needed as they grow to make it more comfortable for writing. For the girls, we found white desks and matching flourescent pink chairs.

Little Miss Trouble is here showing off her sister's desks. As you can see they are very bright indeed. I had major problems trying to find some curtains for in here. I orginially wanted to go with something bright and motivating. I had no intention of going this far, but I had to match those crazy chairs! I hope to eventually sponge some blue on these bare walls for a little color. I also have some posters to hang up, if I can ever find them!!

Here is Little Miss Trouble's corner. On the top shelf is puzzles that she's not really into yet, but shoud be by the end of this year. We have dolls and little people and weebles in the buckets. Around the corner by the front door is a toy box with more toys and little people and weebles toys. She seems to enjoy the area alot and has fun being in here with us. We do have a play kitchen with toys in the living room, which is down the hall, but I prefer to have the troublemaker closer to us so I can see what she's doing! Especially once baby gets here. Don't want her poking the eyes out of her little sis!

This is the whole schoolroom. Like I said, its not very big, but it works for us. The big bookshelves hold all of our reference books, all the games, kits, anything we'll use during the year. The bookshelf with the globe on it has the books we will be using this year, plus coloring books for the girls. They use this space alot for their "crafts and coloring". The small shelf near the girls' desks hold crayons, colored pencils, tape, glue, etc. No scissors or markers as Little Miss Trouble will get right into that and off the hair will come! Our craft supplies are actually in a large closet off of the living area. There wasn't any room in here for them and this way, I can monitor it a little bit. I don't mind them using anything at all, its the little one, I'm worried about.

This is our guard dog, Shadow. His job is to keep the children in, er keep the intruders out. He looks very vicious with his chew bone next to him. Its probably a good thing the intruders can't see his cheeseburger squeaky toy behind him! Actually he looks rather bored!

And now for the big news. As many of you already know, the csection is scheduled for the 18th. We have FINALLY decided on a name:

drum roll please!! Tylar Belle


  1. Hi Michelle!
    Love the new blog! I vaguely remember setting one up for myself a long long time ago but never followed through! I've had SO much trouble downloading pictures to HB, I might have to give Blogspot another go!
    I'm LOVING the schoolroom! We're back in the breakfast room-the table there is much more "Isaac" sized and seems to work better.

    Oh, and tell hubby that Tylar Belle is MUCH better than Montana Gabriella! Oi! Talk about a complex!!

    Our Kyra will be coming home over the Labor Day weekend! We are so excited!! Zach will be home, too, so we're going to have lots of fun. Zach has surprised us. He's gone and talked to the Air Force recruiter there in South Texas. He needs to lose some weight but he scored very high on his Pre-ASVAB. We'll see what may come of this....

    Anywho, I can't wait to see pictures of the new Miss Subbert! WA looks lovely....Houston is still Hot....

    Tammy (Pathway to Heaven)

  2. Love the room, and absolutely love the name. Great Spelling by the way!! That room looks bigger than the dining room in Japan. Miss you guys!

  3. I LOVE the photo on your blog. It must be nice to see something like that all the time. I used to use HSB too, and it was so hard to work with. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I see you follow my other one, Prairie Sense! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Michelle, thanks for the blog comment! Yes, you have a nice big schoolroom now! I'll take yours over my big table/tiny dining room, ok? :) I like the desks facing each other. When I think schoolroom I always think of desks along the wall or something, but that is actually a fantastic idea and keeps them in one area, using less wall space. Nice!

  5. Oops I forgot to ask, where in WA? We're far to the east, in Spokane!

  6. Tylar Belle...I love it!
    I'm sure you are relieved to have a name now.

    I enjoyed the tour of your schoolroom.
    The curtains look fun and add lots of color and interest. It's always neat to see how other people "do" homeschool and set things up.

    Just a few more days for you! I'm excited to see pics of your new blessing. Will be praying for your surgery.

    Tracy (Kidcraze)

  7. Your room is great. What a nice name you came up with. I can't wait to see pictures of the little one.


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