Thursday, June 6, 2013

They're here!! They're here!!

The baby chicks have arrived.  They are being smothered mothered by all the girls in the house.  Even TL has gotten into the action.  They sent us 5 extra so now we have 29 hens and one rooster.  Wow.  Anyone need some eggs in a few months? 

The girls are getting attached and wanting to name them. I have to keep reminding them that we will probably lose some and hope that they aren't too attached.

I have most of the garden in.  Its been rainy and cloudy everyday.  I don't know how much we're going to get this year.  Its a very strange year.  Many of the farmers never got their crops in and half of those who did are plowing theirs under.  Too much rain.  Over 12 inches in May and we usually get 3.  The lawn just keeps growing and growing.  I hope it dries out tomorrow so we can mow before it rains all day on Saturday.  The strawberries, raspberries, cherry tree, and three plum trees are doing well.  I had cancelled the order with the pear and peach trees because of the snow in May and then all this rain.  I hope to get them in later this year. 
We're done with school except for math, reading, and spelling.  Those are the subjects that we will be working on this summer.  TL also has to work on his Spanish. 
I'm going to be cleaning out the asparagus patch which is a giant weed fest.  The strawberry patch that the previous owner also had, is just as bad.  There is a tree that is trying to grow in there but its really viney so its choking the strawberries.  I also need to work on the flowers beds.  The previous owners left the house vacant for a year so everything is really overgrown.  I cleaned out the bed by the garage the other night and mulched it.  It looks really nice now.  I need to take the after picture.  I have the before, but it started raining and I couldn't get the other shot in.
Thought you'd enjoy Monkey's photo.  She's really great at applying lipstick y'know?


And they aren't ours, but our back 8 has cows.  We have rented it out to our neighbor and the kids are super excited.  They love watching the calves. 


  1. That is so awesome that you have your little chicks and all that wonderful fruit growing! Your little farm is just growing and coming along nicely.

  2. What a great farm you are doing. I am amazed at all that you are getting done, and with your husband away no less. I love the lipstick photo.
    Blessings, Dawn


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