Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm life

Here's some photos of the farm, now that I finally have a camera!! Enjoy!  Will post more later this weekend.

Building the chicken coop inside the corn crib

TL hanging the tire swing

Raspberry and blueberry plants

Plum trees

Monkey enjoying the tire swing

Bug-a-bug enjoying the second tire swing.  I've been told we need to add two more.

Tree fort cut into the pines

Cherry tree lower left corner.  This is the view out onto the road and this was just this past weekend.  We're finally getting leaves on the trees now

Chicken coop (yes there's a door leading out for the chickens on the other side)


bug-a-bug resting
Two years ago a twister hit the area.  Both barn roofs had to be replaced and notice this tree right next to the house.  None of the branches were broken off by the just twisted all the of the branches so that they face south now. 
Little Miss watching daddy hang up the tire swings

Princess riding the mower.....I think that after mowing for a couple of hours, she'll be done with this 


  1. I don't know! I think the ride on mower would have some staying power around here. The twister tree is amazing, and to think the twister came so close to the house. I love the pictures. Your new home looks wonderful. All that open space to run and play. Love the raised beds.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks Dawn!! We have a lot of work to do. The weather hasn't been cooperating much around here, but I hope it gets better soon. We had all that snow and now a lot of rain. I'm not complaining because we've moved out of the drought, but I'm itching to get outside and finish planting my garden!


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