Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of the year blues

It has finally gotten nicer outside.  I itch to be outside gardening and cleaning up but we desperately need to finish our school year.  We are ending at the end of the month, but continuing with a few subjects for thirty minutes a day four days a week. 

The big girls are going to focus on math and spelling.  They will also be required to read for thirty minutes a day.

TL has to catch up on some math.  His main focus will be spelling and Spanish this summer. 

And Trouble and I will be working on addition facts and reading skills.  She's behind for her kindergarten year.

I plan on taking July totally off.  The kids have camps and other activities to work on during that busy month.  We will start up again in August and continue until our "official" start of school in Sept.

I'm hoping this will help them catch up in the areas that they have fallen a little behind on.  This year has called for some big improvements for them all, but they still need help in these few areas.  This year was crazy with the move and then delay of moving into the house and my illness this past October. 

Have a wonderful week.  I will be praying for those families in Moore, OK.  I pray that they find the rest of the children and they are safe.  May God watch over the families and rescue workers today.

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  1. I hear you! We've been taking a break for the last three weeks, but we need to work on some skills and finish some things up yet. Right now I'm playing lots of math games and having the children read.

    It looks like y'all did get quite a bit done around the farm. I"m sure the kids are really enjoying this big swings! Soon enough you will have dirt under your fingernails daily :)


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