Sunday, April 28, 2013

No time....

I don't have time this morning to update on our school progress.  I'll just update on life these past two weeks. 

I've been crazy busy with school.  Three weeks left and I will be done and graduate!!  yippee!!  Unfortunately, the last two weeks and next two weeks are going to be murderous with trying to get my 25 page term paper done.  Working on the rough draft today and this week.  Hope to have that done by Thursday and then work on the final.

The weather has been less than cooperative lately.  Last Monday it snowed, yes snowed here.  We only had two inches.  Our friends 40 miles west had 8 inches.  He took off of work this week to build a deck.  Not the best time to do it in.  He has had TL over twice this week and I'm taking him over this morning before church to help him out.  Hopefully they finish today since he has to be at work tomorrow. 

The last two days has been really nice.  We've been doing yard work....lots of sticks to pick up.  We have about thirty oak trees and the branches are all over the yard from winter.  I also never raked well last year so we're paying for it this year.

My neighbor brought over another burn barrel so TL spent most of the day yesterday burning trash.  We still have about six bags left.  We got really behind with the crazy weather the last month.  I have to take the recycling in today and that will finally clear out the garage.

We have three evergreens that have grown really close together.  I took trimmers in yesterday and cut out some branches on the inside of them and make the girls a little fort in there.  It will be nice and cool in the summer.  The dog seemed to enjoy it yesterday. 

Hubby arrives home on Tuesday night for ten days.  We have lots to do.  Of course, the weather doesn't look like it will cooperate too much.  Wednesday is rain and 45.  Fifties the rest of the week.  We need to finish the yard work and get the 250 cement blocks I had delivered yesterday set up for our garden; we're doing raised beds.

That's all for now.  Hubby is bringing his camera so I can finally take pictures!!


  1. I was just reading on another blog about cement block gardening. I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. Glad to hear you all are well.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I am sure you will get it all done and done well!
    I would think it is quite different living in the country compared to living with the military. The weather alone there would be so different from what y'all have experienced in recent years. Getting into a groove with things like burning trash will come along.
    Are the kids liking it there? Mine still talk about missing our old house and neighbors.

  3. Snow? It's 94 degrees out in El Paso today. I can't even imagine it being snowy right now. It's too hot for me though. I wish that our weather was somewhere between the two of us. :)

  4. SNow in May. The California kids on the track team didn't know what to think about KANSAS weather, I can only imagine how fast they would run home with your weather. Glad the Hubby is making it home for a while. Not looking forward to the travel days again, even though ours aren't as long as yours. Hang in there. Now that the nice weather is finally hitting, 90's, there is more to do then ever. UGGGGHHH.


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