Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring is in the air!

I saw two robins and a blue jay yesterday.  On Easter Sunday, I woke up to rabbits hopping all over the yard.  I'm surprised that I hadn't seen a rabbit since we've lived here and that they chose Easter to come out.  The temperature is rising.  Its supposed to be close to fifty today.   

I have to go and order my supplies for my garden.  We're making raised beds out of cinder blocks.  I need about 200.  Sometime this month all of my trees and plants will be arriving also.  We need to clean out the corn crib and prep it for the chicken coop. 

good new though, Kevin will be arriving at the end of the month for ten days.  I have his honey do list all ready.  He'll mainly be working on the chicken coop and helping with garden stuff.  I hope to get some painting done also while he is here.  It depends on how much of my own school I have done.  I have a 25 page term paper that's due during that time frame.  If I can get it done before hand than I'm looking good! 

Today, TL and I are going to look at an area rug for his room.  He has the smallest one at 12x8.  We priced having carpet put in and its almost $500, which is ridiculous.  It wasn't even great carpet!  Since most of it will be covered by furniture anyway, we decided to get a nice quality area rug for half the price.  He is looking forward to having some soft and warm flooring (he has hardwood now).

I'm also going to pick up my seeds to start my seedlings in a few weeks.  Still too cold to start doing it yet, but it will be nice to have it all once I'm ready.  Need to pick up some shovels, another rake, and some other gardening tools.  Also going to buy some new pillows.  We bought cheap ones when we moved here and they are all as flat as a pancake!! 

And so I'm off.  Not sure how much I'll be blogging in the next few weeks.  I have to get all of this stuff caught up with my school and planting and everything else!!  Crazy busy but exciting!

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  1. I'm so happy for you that Kevin will get to come out for a visit.
    It sounds like you have some wonderful plans for your garden and will have a very busy spring ahead. Very cool that the bunnies came out on Sunday.

    I saw a real bluebird on our roof the other day and was so excited. I'm going to have the boys build me a bluebird box or two for our fence and I hope we can get some to nest.


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