Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting settled

Wow, what a crazy two weeks.  We started school but with the closing and stomach flu bug, we have yet to complete a full week of school.  I'm praying it goes much smoother next week.

The kids are all involved in their activities.  TL has joined boy scouts again and has find a nice taekwondo studio.  He did two years in WA and then had to switch to karate in CA.  This style is different than the one in WA so he has to start all over again, however, after his first class the instructor told me that he was ready to test for his yellow belt.  Wow!!  Very proud of  him!

The girls have joined American Heritage Girls and seem to really enjoy it.  Awana was a bust, we gave that up and won't be going back.  None of the girls enjoyed the club and the Cubbies were ignored for the first 30 minutes so we're not going back.  I'm looking into 4H for the girls, the only problem is that the club that is closest to us meets at the same time as boy scouts and in another town, so not sure that one will work.  The big girls have also joined the Bible Quiz team at the church.

The church has a wonderful homeschooling co-op that is extremely relaxed and fun for the kids.  I'm enjoying meeting everyone and all the kids have made friends, except for TL.  He's the oldest out of the group.  The church opens up every Friday night from 7-12 for the teens in the area, they get about 30, so I'm hoping that he will meet some friends there.  Our town has about 250 people and the town the church is in has about 700 so its pretty small town living here.

I'm spending this weekend doing lesson planning for next week, finishing organizing my desk, and hopefully removing wallpaper.  I'm going to try removing the big girls' wallpaper and the upstairs bathroom this week so I can paint next weekend.  Then I will probably be doing the dining room before it gets too cold that I can't open the windows. 

Take care everyone and have a blessed day!

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