Friday, October 19, 2012

End of week 3

This week was great.  Only TL was sick at the beginning of the week so he had to play catch up, but for the most part everything will be completed today!!  The last two weeks were rough with the stomach flu and closing of the house.

Spanish is going well with the new program, although the speaking is really difficult.  I know how to correctly pronounce the words and its not saying that I do it correctly either.  Writing and spelling are improving.  I'm seeing a lot of improvement in his writing this year.  For Science, we decided to do an Agriscience book, well, we did buy a farm right?  

Much better with writing and spelling this year.  She still needs to work on her math facts.  Grammer and library skills are going well.  She and Courtnee are just finishing up a study on horses (guess what animal they want?)

She's doing great with writing and spelling but needs to work on her handwriting.  Its big and messy.  

Working on the letters of the alphabet.  She's doing really well writing her name and learning her numbers. 

For all of them, we do history together chronologically.  These past few weeks have been 1800-1810.  We just started Lewis and Clark this week and will continue to work on it for another two weeks.  We have some projects to complete that will make it more fun.

Today my rainbow resource order should arrive with our new math for the year.  I am also getting TL's bible, art, and government curriculum.  I have a few more items to order but nothing that we needed right now. 

Have a wonderful week!



  1. So glad things are falling into place for you. We are closing next week!!! I can't believe how fast this has gone.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Oh, I am so excited for you!!!!!!! You finally got to move in. That is wonderful. I've been reading down your blog and you make things sound so breath-taking, you know like the view from your bedroom, ah! French doors and all, I love it. You've been so patient, Enjoy yourself now.
    Quick tip for the removal of the wall paper, vinegar helps release the glue. I'm sure you've already searched out what would help though.
    It was good to catch up on you guys.


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