Monday, November 14, 2011

School is going well!

Our second term has just started.  I split our school year up into five terms, anywhere from 6-8 weeks long with a week off in between.  Of course, we do field trips then so we try to keep it educational somewhat....shhhhhh!! Don't tell the kids that!

I also decided to alternate weeks with history and science.  We just weren't focusing enough time on each subject.  I didn't enjoy breezing through the material to move onto the next subject.  I'm also hoping this will give us more time for projects.

TL's Oregon Trail class (from Currclick) is going really well.  He wrote his first journal entry and did really well with it.  This week, they're working on their supply lists.  I remember when we had the Oregon Trail game for the computer....Kevin and I couldn't get out of Independence because our wagon's were too heavy and TL was already in OR.  I think we lost if several moves ago....I'll have to see if I can refind it somewhere.

This past week we ended up taking Wednesday off.  Our time limit for the Navy storing our household goods was up and we had to put it into our own storage.  I'm glad because I was dying to get my bread machine and sewing machine back.  Those movers were fantastic!!  They fit 12,000 pounds of stuff into a 10x30 foot storage space.  Things are stacked up to the ceiling!!  But, I was able to put aside the school books boxes and put them in the front so that I have access to them.  I'm sure I missed a few boxes, but at least they'll be closer to get in to!

The three big kids started the bowling league two weeks ago.  TL did great the first week and not great this past week.  Kevin tried to show him how to put a spin on the ball and it didn't work for him.  Princess improved her average score by 20 points this week.  Bug-a-bug is working hers.  She's used to the bumpers so it will take her a bit.  If she takes her time, she does really well.

That's all on the homefront here.  I have photos to post from when mom was here, but my computer's been so sluggish that I don't want to put them on.  I'm posting to Kevin's external hard drive tonight and I'm also getting a thumb drive!

Take care and have a wonderful week!


  1. I love the Oregon Trail game. I've finished the game a couple of times. It was so much fun, trying to make sure that you didn't get too many supplies, but that you did get the supplies that you needed for scurvy.

    Glad to hear that school is going great!

  2. I need to see if I can locate that Oregon Trail game for my children. I know they would enjoy that. Especially since we have been reading through the Little House books.
    We like to bowl too.


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