Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The last few months of last school year, TL really struggled with his work.  It wasn't difficult, he just couldn't seem to get it done.  I seemed to be on him all day long.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend this year too.  Coupled with this blasted heat, my short temper has not made this easy.  I yelled several days last week.  It doesn't help either that he's very sarcastic (just like me), which makes me even angrier.  Nothing like seeing the worst about yourself reflected in your children.  All of us have been short tempered and yelling.  The heat is just not working for us.  My kids love to be outside too much.

I'm made a major effort this week not to get so frustrated.  Alot of prayer has been spent on this.  Its helped that it hasn't been so hot, however, today and tomorrow are supposed to be close to 100.  Pray for me.

This week, I handed TL a list of all the work that had to be done for the week.  He started Monday off trying to finish his work for the day and didn't quite succeed.  Yesterday, he completed all of his reading assignments and questions for the week.  He also finished all of his math lessons but one.  He seems to like working this way and that's fine with me.  I've also learned to make sure he's nearby so that I can answer questions quickly or gently steer him back to work. 

I love that he loves to read and that he has an active imagination, but this was driving me crazy!! 

I've been studying Help for the Harried Homeschooler!  I figured with four students this year, I could use the help!!  My focus is on fixing my own behavior to give them a good role model.  I'm praying for this struggle of mine!


  1. Please know that you aren't the only one that struggles with this! It gets harder with so many kids to keep track of and on top off all at once. I have a kid that dilly dallys also. I have to constantly steer her back to work. She also does better with having the full week's work schedule on Monday so that she can see what needs to be done. And you are so right about our own behavior reflecting our children's!! Isn't it interesting how the things that "annoy" us the most are often the things that we ourselves do?? I hope that it cools down for you soon, because I know how frustrating it can be to be cooped up because of the heat (or the cold for that matter!). I really miss the mild Washington weather. :)

  2. Oh, honey, I understand! I've been a bit overwhelmed with having five students this year. I have to find our rhythm.

    I do write out all their assignments for the week and give it to them on Monday morning. My oldest two are responsible to get it all done by Friday afternoon. They know this.
    This afternoon (Friday), they were preparing to leave for their BSA campout and I started asking for work that should have been turned in. Ya, it wasn't all done. I had to play the meanie and say no campout until it is done. Three hours later, they got to leave on their campout. That's how long it took for them to complete it all. Thankfully, my husband totally backed me up on that and they are camping close by this time so it wasn't a huge ordeal, but boy were those boys upset with me. I'm betting next week they'll get it done.

    Hope y'all have a good weekend. The cooler weather should be here soon, right? I think our heat index was near 100 yesterday :( Blech.

  3. I have been reading down your blogs, looks like you have been having some adventures. Sorry that it has been so hot. I won't mention the nice weather we have been having.
    Talking about a child that wants to drag in their school work & it being hard to keep up with so many children's work, I envy you. With only two children I feel like I am going to pull my hair out sometimes because both of them wanting to be like that. They want me sitting right over them, knowing I have other things that need to be done, that's when the screaming begins. We'll just have to pray for one another.
    On another note, I had sent you an email back about the family who could use the coupons, I'm thinking something must have gone wrong because I haven't heard back from you. I would be glad to just mail the coupons to them myself, keeping from you & I having to pay a postage, provided your friend doesn't mind me having her address. Email me & let me know one way or the other. Bless you all. Praying the weather has cooled down some, love you guys.


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